The Rise of Tiamat

Craigmaw Castle!


The party of Aoth, Brom, Shui, and Veth (along with everyones favorite bork bork) have finished Craigmaw Castle!

The following will be distributed to each player in this campaign:

  • 21 goblins were released from their misery.
  • 3 Hobgoblins were put in their place.
  • A Grick became a chew toy.
  • An Owlbear was put in it’s place
  • The big bugbear King Grol was relieved of duty.

Exp will be divided as follows:
Aoth, Brom, Shui gain: 1,170 exp!
Veth has gained 350 exp!

The party has returned an injured Gundren back to Sildar.

  • Sildar has retrieved the longsword from Shui, and delivered the reward to the players as negotiated.
  • Brom has sold the excess weapons, and had the staff appraised as a +1 Quarterstaff of slow fall!
  • Brom has given said Quarterstaff to Veth
  • Someone from out of town has showed up in The Sleeping Giant!
  • Gundren would like to speak with the adventurers regarding the mine.


Hikaminari Hikaminari

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